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I had been going to the gym and working with a personal trainer for a year and wasn't seeing results. For me, it wasn't about losing weight. Frankly I was happy with how I was and just wanted to look muscular.

Right after the holidays as most people do, I picked up an interest and did some Google stalking and came across a blogger. I was so impressed with her story and her results that I thought there is no reason that I can't do this. The weekend of her competition I was sitting on the couch with my husband watching TV and scrolling through Instagram and I started cheering. My husband thought I was a nut job and I told him "Meg got 4th place in her competition!" To which he responded, "Who the heck is Meg?" I caught him up to speed and then we both looked at each other and I said "you know I'm going to do it now right?"

I spent the rest of that weekend trying to find out when the next competition would be, how many weeks out, and what coach I should work with. By Monday morning, I stopped by the front desk at my gym and told them I wanted a trainer to help me prep for a bikini competition and by the next week I met and began training with my trainer and friend Lindsay.

We started 16 weeks out and Lindsay coached me through nutrition, training, and posing. Weeks 16-10 were challenging not because of the eating or the working out, but because I had an 11 day trip through 4 cities as a combination of a work and vacation trip. I prepped all 11 days worth of food and flew cross country with my food sticking to my diet. Friends thought I was crazy, others thought insanely dedicated, my husband was just tired of buying ice and quest bars.
Lindsay was responsive, attentive, and most of all positive. Every time I got down on myself she was there to pick me back up. We started working out 3 times a week for 30 minutes and as we got closer increased the frequency and intensity. The workouts were challenging but not as challenging as the nutrition was. It really was mind over matter.

When I look at my before picture I am absolutely shocked at how I looked before and how I looked the day of my competition. Again, I went into this thinking I looked pretty awesome already boy did these pictures not lie. 
In the photo on the left, I was 137 lbs and 35% body fat. On the right, I was 118 lbs and 18% body fat. Pretty impressive right? I've signed up to do 2 more competitions just because I've actually enjoyed this entire process! I can say that the second one is already way more difficult to prepare for than the first one but I can't wait to see those results.