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  • Etta

    NPC Max Muscle 2014

    4th place, Class B

  • Sam

    NPC Max Muscle 2014

    3rd place, Class A

  • Veronica

    I had been going to the gym and working with a personal trainer for a year and wasn't seeing results. For me, it wasn't about losing weight. Frankly I was happy with how I was and just wanted to look muscular.

  • Jessie

    "...Lindsay is such an amazing coach and always so accessible and I couldn’t have asked for anyone better..."

  • Kelly

    " body composition dropped from 20.8% at 145lbs to 11.8% at 126lbs for my first NPC bikini show in November of 2013. I placed 4th out of 18 in my open class, which qualified me for Nationals..."
  • Sara

    "Through the 10 weeks I worked with UltraFitBody, I had little to no worries, so much energy, my cravings were almost nonexistent and I had more time than ever."

  • Jessie

    "My wedding dress needed over $500 in alterations."

  • Susan

    "Lindsay demystified my thoughts of women and strength training and I looked forward each week less on how much weight I lost, but how much stronger I could get."
  • Jordan

    "I lost 15 pounds and over 8% body fat in less than 4 months!"

  • Kathy

    "Lindsay has strengthened my core, built some muscles on this aging body, and I have lost some "muffin top" and "back fat" that a 60+ woman can have. I have lost inches and am much more aware of my diet."

  • Lindsey

    "Being an avid runner prior to training with Lindsay, she gave me a new approach to fitness by creating innovative and challenging workouts to build more muscle that I needed for my first competition."

  • Dave

    "I began with a goal of losing 25 lbs and getting rid of my belly over belt. I have now been training with Lindsay in our home for a year and have lost 30 lbs and my belly over belt is now a thing of the past."

  • Traci

    "I had to have $800 worth of wedding dress alterations because I lost 10 pounds, dropped body fat, built muscle, toned my body, and to top it off my bad skin cleared!"

  • Dorothy

    "I saw seemingly instant improvement in body composition, strength, and cardiovascular endurance. (Lindsay) is knowledgeable, attentive, and most importantly, a skilled fitness professional that wants to see you succeed and is committed to helping you get there."

  • Carla

    "I have been training for close to a year with Lindsay. My goals were to increase my strength and range of motion. As a 63 year old female, her sessions have challenged me and helped me stretch my limits that I would otherwise not attempt to do. Her knowledge and experience ensure that each session offers variety and renewed commitment on my part. Her training and credentials assure me that my workouts are both effective and safe. Lindsay is an outstanding navigator on anyone's journey to health and fitness."

  • Ilana

    "After just a few months of working out with her 2 times a week for 30 minutes each, I built muscle, decreased my body fat, had more energy and was just a happier person."