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"I am a 62 year old Grandfather of 7. I started training with Lindsay in our home after my wife had began a training regimen that she had stayed committed to for approximately three months with some nice progress. I began with a goal of losing 25 lbs and getting rid of my belly over belt. I have now been training with Lindsay in our home for a year and have lost 30 lbs and my belly over belt is now a thing of the past. I've now set new goals of losing an additional 10 lbs and to strengthen my arms and further strengthen my stomach muscles. An important note is that I have not changed my diet, but as I got into better shape I realized my meal sizes decreased slightly.

Now that I've lost nearly three inches off my waistline and 30 lbs from my body weight by training with Lindsay, the next level of training is not only exciting but my new goals are realistic and within my reach with my commitment to the training routines she puts me through.

When I first started training with Lindsay, I was a bit embarrassed at how little body strength I had and the exercises I wasn't able to do many of. Lindsay reassured me that that would change over time and not to worry about it. Boy was she right. Lindsay has a pleasant and reassuring demeanor while she is training my wife and I, but pushes us just enough to get us to improve over previous sessions. She tracks progress and changes up the training sessions so that the body doesn't become accustomed to the training and therefore slow the body’s development. Before I began training with Lindsay, I was doing what I thought was a lot of exercise on the treadmill, some elliptical and some strength training with my home gym and free weights. However, the intensity of my training since I began training with Lindsay is at least double of what it was and my exercise is now targeted to help me achieve my strength and weight goals. The time I invest in my exercises now are about the same as it was before I started with Lindsay. But the exercises now are effective and helping me achieve my goals, which was not the case before hand. I highly recommend Lindsay as a trainer and guide to help you achieve your health improvement goals through the physical training to improve your strength and weight goals and to feel better about yourself by what you can achieve by investing a few hours a week in yourself.

My wife and I are extremely happy we met Lindsay through a friend and began our training. I'm sure you'll feel the same!"