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Figure and Bikini contest prep

Figure and Bikini contest prep

Figure and Bikini Contest Prep

Our all-inclusive contest prep program will transform your physique in order to be stage ready whether you are new to competing or are an experienced competitor. 

Competitors will receive 4-week plans at a time consisting of a specific cardio and weight training schedule with different and unique workouts and a nutrition plan detailing all meals with options including pre and post workout meals, foods and times of day to eat as well as a supplement guideline to complement the diet plan. I also offers competition nutrition coaching if you choose to only receive a competition nutrition plan without the cardio and weight training plan. Please refer to my nutrition coaching page.

Every four weeks, the cardio, weight training and nutrition schedule will progressively adjust to reach the optimal and desired goals for the competition, but may change more frequently based upon progress to look your best on stage.  Although most prep stages are twelve weeks in length, some competitors may need more or less time to prep for a competition, which is why I offer plans that are 4 weeks in length so you can always renew.