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stay true to yourself & your healthy lifestyle

stay true to yourself & your healthy lifestyle


Many know that fitness and living a healthy lifestyle is obviously my passion and I practice and preach this with everyone surrounding me especially my clients, close friends and family.  It's certainly not something I take lightly as in skipping workouts often and eating whatever I want whenever I want.  Fitness is something I have always gravitated towards as a way to not only build a better, stronger and leaner physique and improve my health, but as MY outlet for clarity, freedom and to literally push life's ups and downs through iron.  Personally, there is nothing more exhilarating than a heart-pumping, sweat-soaking intense workout that gives me a high while exercising, immediately after and for the rest of the day.  I feel accomplished and empowered in my own life and make it known to myself to achieve this feeling every day of my life in some way whether it be through my workouts, my diet or even my mind-set.  By the way, I have a love/hate relationship with the word "diet."  I am often afraid that many will assume I am following a diet such as Atkins, Weight Watchers, etc, but should you ever hear me say the word diet, I am referring to just my every day eating plan that I adhere to.  Speaking of diet, I eat clean about 85-95% of the time when not training for a competition or 100% clean when training for a competition.  And guess what?  I thoroughly enjoy eating clean and don't have the desire to eat junk often.  In fact, if I do have a craving or just want a cheat meal, which happens once or twice a week, I am certainly not shy.   I don't believe in depriving myself nor should anyone and instead, I tend to reach for something that's considered more like a healthy cheat or a "buffer food" that allows for satiety and satisfaction, but without binging or without feelings of guilt or deprivation.  One might say, "why don't you just eat a burger or pizza?" I can honestly and truthfully say that I rarely crave these foods that are often heavy in fat because almost always, the end result is a very unhappy tummy with extreme bloating, gas and a second trimester water baby (aka water retention).  This is not to say that everyone reacts the same way I do.  Everyone has their own limit and it's just a matter of finding what foods work and don't work with your body.  It's almost like being a detective exploring and learning about your body. 

So my point here is fitness and eating clean is a lifestyle that I choose to live year-round even through holidays.  Yep!  I said through holidays!  I always look forward to the holidays merely because I enjoy being with my family and giving gifts.  It's not a free for all to eat whatever I want for the month of November and December.  Often times, people in my life will criticize the way I eat saying to just eat that huge brownie slice topped with icecream or that I spend too much time in the gym, which is ironic because I spend only about 25 minutes to 45 minutes in the gym working out! That's definitely a HUGE chunk of my day, right?! ;) (Sarcasm here obviously)  I am here to tell you that if you are like me, you are not alone and you are normal.  These people may tell you that you are "missing out" on these awesome drinks and yummy foods, but I can assure you that you aren't.  I've finally come to a realization that people will criticize because they are either jealous of your dedication or simply just may not understand the concept of a truly healthy lifestyle and what defines it because they've never experienced it.  I think that once they are in the shoes of a healthy lifestyle go-er, they would have a better understanding and would be less likely to revert to their old ways and habits of eating junk often or rarely exercising. 

I know we all have been invited to weddings, barbecues, wine tastings or simply a night out for dinner with the girls or guys where food is exposed.  The key in these situations is moderation and to work around them. Plan ahead by eating already, pack some small snacks or even forgo the pizza night if it's too tempting or know that pizza will make you sick and meet up with the friends later.  If necessary, it's perfectly normal to explain to friends and family what your goals are and they will support you.  A perfect example, a girlfriend just recently asked me to come over for breakfast and she didn't even hesitate to say that we can eat egg whites and oatmeal!  All because she understands and completely accepts my lifestyle as it is.  So, don't lose sight of what you believe in and your healthy lifestyle.  You've come this far to work on your fitness goals, strive for a better physique and improve your health, so please stay true to yourself and your healthy lifestyle because your heart and body will thank you for it.