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health culture in Spain & Morocco


When visiting Spain and Morocco, I not only marveled at the beautiful architecture and design of the buildings, palaces, markets and streets, but I also took careful observation of the health and fitness culture considering that this is such a huge part of my life. Needless to say, I was shocked at how different it was compared to that of the United States. In many ways, I wish the United States adopted some of the ways of life in Spain and Morocco, but in other ways, I very much appreciated my lifestyle in the United States.  Read on to learn about my experience!

benefits of exercising outdoors


For those of you that live in Northern Virginia, we all experienced a very mild winter with sporadic days of warmer weather that felt like spring. I think most of us can admit that the spring season feels like it has arrived early. Spring happens to be one of my favorite seasons because I can take advantage of the beautiful crisp days by taking my workouts outdoors. That's not to say that I can't workout outdoors in the winter, but I prefer warmer days. I am a huge advocate of working outdoors when the opportunity is presented and here is why:

WOW (Workout of the Week): Shoulders


1) Anterior Deltoids: 
    Seated unilateral cable shoulder press with contralateral isometric shoulder press 15 reps
2) Anterior (front) & Medial (lateral) Deltoids:
    Dumbbell alternating L-raise (front/lateral raise) 20 reps 
3) Posterior/Rear Deltoids: 
    Low to high cable pull 15 reps 
4) Shoulder & Core stability: 
    Planks with alternating arm punch 30 reps

egg muffin recipe


Try these fabulous egg muffins high in protein, low in carbs and fat and are exactly like omelets, but even better! Because the egg whites are cooked in a muffin tin, they come out so compact which allows for easy storage in containers and makes for a great meal or snacks on-the-go! Simply refrigerate after the egg muffins are cooked and cool. Pop in the microwave when you want a warm egg muffin or feel free to eat it cold. The recipe is so easy to follow and will only take 10 minutes at most to pour in the egg whites and chop up your choice of veggies. Good luck and enjoy!

With love & happy cooking,


WOW (Workout of the Week)


Complete 5 rounds as fast as you can in under 15 minutes without sacrificing form. Good luck!

cardio workout: run for the hills


Too cold outside to run? Bored of running flats? Try this indoor "Run for the Hills" treadmill workout that will surely spike your heart rate at multiple intensities by running on a slight incline and walking up various hill elevations. So grab your running sneakers and challenge your cardiovascular system while burning mega calories!   



I was given the opportunity to work with the Xdrifft product and was absolutely thrilled and amazed by the challenges that it had to offer. "XDrifft is an exciting new training system that allows you to have an intense cardio or strength workout by challenging your core stability while only using your bodyweight. The versatility and value of this unique training system makes it a must have for everyone." 

superbowl sunday funday!


SuperBowl Sunday is just around the corner and is a perfect way to gather with friends and family whether you are hosting a party or going to a party. It's also a perfect way to set yourself up for a nutrition disaster if portion control or healthy options are not present.  Since the SuperBowl is only one time out of the year, it's perfectly fine to indulge, but do so in moderation.  


As the saying goes, "life is 10 percent what happens to you and ninety percent how you respond to it." It's also that ninety percent that allows us to determine our attitude about our body and in turn, life.  


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